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What is IQ Option PWA?

IQ Option broker has always been a progressive trading platform. The proof of this is their innovative trading platform. The broker regularly improves its platform and applications. Applications for Android and iOS are recognized as one of the most convenient for trading. Not long ago, the innovation was the development of an application that does not require installation on your device, this so-called Progressive Web App (PWA) IQ Option allows traders to trade on the device anywhere without installing the application on the device. PWA app can only be used on Android or iOS devices. Special applications have been developed for PC or Mac A progressive web app (PWA) is an application that runs in a web browser. It looks and behaves like a native mobile app, but it doesn’t require the user to visit an app store or download any files locally. Instead, PWAs can be installed by clicking the “Add to home screen” button in any browser. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the PWA compares to other apps:

PWA Binary options available Installed in a web browser Open to all countries Android No binary options Installed from an app store Open to all countries iOS No binary options Installed from an app store Open to specific countries APK Binary options available Installed from a downloaded file Open to all countries

How to start using PWA IQ Option app

To start using you need to go to a special page. Or use the button at the top of the page. Next, register or enter your login information if already registered. After successfully logging into your account, you will be prompted to add the PWA app icon to your home screen. Install IQ Option app Add to home Screen After you follow all the instructions on the home screen, the application icon will appear. To start trading you just need to click on it. The PWA app gives you more opportunities to trade. As you can see from the table it is available all types of trading instruments which are not in the official applications for Android and iOS

26 MB - include updates and bug fixes.