In this article a full training and full tutorial in regards to the best IQ option strategy in the world and in 2021 this strategy has been making hundreds and thousands of dollars on a daily basis. You are going to be super thrilled in regards to how easy the strategy is as you can start making money today using this specific strategy. 

Explanation of strategy.

iq option platform 2021

This is what the broker looks like when you open your account for the first time. The first thing that you need to do is understand the movements of the markets also depends on different scenarios.

 So one recommendation to you to do before you do anything is going to then go to the news and go to the economic calendar click….. economic calendar

….and then change it to your local time and take a look at this whenever you see three stars. 

change it to your local time
change it to your local time 1

So once are in the chart this is what you need to do first is click where it says chart type and change it to candles.

Each candle represents a certain time frame. How do you change that time frame?

change that time frame

Where it says candle time period, you click on it and you select what is the time frame on the candle. It is better for you to change it to two minutes, but also you can see that this usually is checked automatically.

Change automatically means that if you zoom in or out the time frame of the candle changes take it changed to five minutes if it out a little more it will change again to one hour. So it Is actually better if you choose at the time frame. This IQ Option strategy is based on moving averages based on trends as easily as it is.

strategy is based on moving averages based
IQ Option SMA indicator

The first thing that you gotta do is actually get the indicators and you are looking for moving average and you’re selecting it for the period of six and you’re gonna add a blue color. This is SMA, no WMA no EMA, it’s SMA (simple moving average).

simple moving average strategy
SMA indicator yellow

You click on apply and then you add another one another moving average the same way, but this one is in yellow color, same SMA.

adding a MACD indicator

Now you are adding a MACD indicator, you select it. That is what the IQ Option strategy is.

Strategy with MACD indicator,

IQ Option strategy using MACD indicator

Now, look at this, if you notice the MACD has two lines one blue line and one red line, the blue line. The red line is a little bit more stable and the blue line is always going across the map, the red line and this is not the MACD.

So what you need to do first is the wave for the magnitude to cross the blue line and the red line going in a certain direction. It can be either going down or it can be going up, if you notice the MACD blue line cross the red line going up that is a prediction that a call option is actually coming which means if you notice that blue line is going to cross the yellow line on the moving averages so the magnet needs to cross first. 

Within one or two candles the moving averages are going across so when this happens when the blue line crosses the yellow line you are gonna enter trade for two minutes on the direction of the blue line.

What is it that we need to understand here the timeframe of each candle is super-important, you do not enter for a hundred and twenty seconds you enter for the timeframe of the candlestick, a green candlestick meaning is a bullish is a candlestick that went up and a bearish which is a red candlestick is going down? But this is where you need to wait for the blue line to touch the yellow line, then you enter for two minutes. 

IQ Option strategy using MACD indicator

So you go to graphical tools and select a horizontal line and you select one and then you select another horizontal line and you set it up and what you need to do is find the support in the resistance level.

This article is not financial advice, you should do your own analysis and always practice on demo first so that then you can actually be ready to start making some real money in addition.


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