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The combination of Fractal and Moving Average will bring you profit in most cases if you follow these instructions. Let’s take the IQ Option trading platform as an example.


First, log into your account, for trading you can use both a demo account and a real account.

step one

Choose a trading pair. Set up the chart for 2-minute candles.

2 minute candles

Select the Fractal indicator in the “Other” tab.

Select the Fractal indicator

Apply the settings shown in the screenshot.

Apply the settings

First, we place two-minute candles. Then we set the fractal indicator to period 3 to react faster in different directions of the candles.

Application of the second indicator

 Select Moving Average indicator from the list.

 Select Moving Average indicator
Moving Average

The next indicator is the moving average, for which we set a period of 5.

set a period of 5

We set the moving average again. Now the time period will be 2, and the color and thickening of the line will also change as the intersection points become more visible.

This time, we set the moving average to one hundred to see a clear picture of how the trend or direction is going.

How it works Moving Average and Fractal indicator

Moving Average and Fractal indicator

Here comes one of the good times, when the fractal indicator gives us a sign that the candles are going from top to bottom. We see the intersection of the moving average indicators between each other. This is one of the clearest pictures showing that the trend will continue in a downward direction for at least one minute.

One of the main factors is not to rush, because speed is destructive.

As you can see, the correct entry and winnings came quickly.

Now find other positions that we can trade.

Now find other positions that we can trade

This is one of the good

First, look at the 100-period moving average – this is the neutral situation with the moving average, and the other two indicators, of course, decrease after the crossover. You can also see a fractal indicator based on a signal from top to bottom. It reminds us that this is one of the best moments.

But remember that whenever the moving average lines cross each other and the fractal signal goes in the same direction, the faster you bet and the more chances you have of winning because the longer we are late, the trend may change against us. So there is no complete accuracy here. To get started, we recommend using a demo account to experience the combination of Moving Average and Fractal indications.

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