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IQ Option scam! Are There IQ Option Complaints?

4-06-2016, 18:53 2 941 Information / News / Новости

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In this article I want to answer the question: iq option is deception or not! In fact, everything is very individual and depends on what you mean by "deception"! Just there is a class of people for whom deception is everywhere and their own mistakes, they are not willing to admit not under any pretext, and all the troubles blame others. If you not are such a person then article is for you.

The most common misconceptions about deception iq option!

IQ OPTION Redraw graphics
On the forums associated with binary options trading is often possible to meet opinion that iq option redraws the graphics in the loss of the trader. It is pure fiction. System binary options trading is built so that not experienced traders can not predict where go a chart. And so many people losing money.

IQ OPTION does not give the earned money
This claim is also a fabrication, traders for one reason or another the victim a setback, but not wanting to admit it. Believe me, if iq option was not allowed to bring money, the whole network was just littered with posts about what the broker not gives a trader earned money. Iq option is too big thing to waste your time on trifles, and to spoil his reputation.

Are There IQ Option Complaints?

IQ Option is one of the best and a trusted binary options broker in the industry. Due to that fact, there has been no reported IQ Option complaints and no significant negative reviews on this broker.

They present their services since 2012 and in that period of time, they made a positive name for themselves as broker who provides secure trading platform for performing trading actions in binary options.

Several analysts have given a feedback that IQ Option has tried to offer facilities to traders with a fair and friendly environment so that they could utilize their trading skills. As a result of such facilitation, IQ Option has earned recognition and awards for the services they offer. When you visit their website, you will be able to evaluate the reason as to why there are no IQ option complaints.

Their goal is to have satisfied and long-term traders who will use their platform and who will maximize profit with this broker. Since 2012, they only received positive reviews from their traders and analysts, thanks to the quality trading instruments and services.

It has not given any chance to its customers for registering any IQ Option complaints on the facilities that it offers. They provide a long list of different assets for traders to choose from and several trading modes that allow its traders to achieve their profiting opportunities with a fixed determination. It is continuously improving its services by adding many new products to its asset list.

It is important to mention how this broker obtains CySec licence ( 247/14) which provides certain extra security to their registered traders. With this licence, they have accepted to follow EU laws in order to offer traders worldwide secure platform and transparent business.


With the advent of the market is quite vibrant business platform called IQ Option, many users, both foreign and CIS residents wondered - is IQ Option a scam (whether the service is cheating)? Most of the stress was caused by the fact that the service became closed to users from the Russian Federation. Not knowing why this happened, most of the population immediately thought that the platform is probably involved in scammers, and working on it with binary options is not safe.

There was a loud statement - IQ Option scam! But in practice the service ceased to function in Russia only because of indistinctly prescribed legislation. In none of the laws is there such definition as "binary options", therefore all brokers that are associated with them have been positioned as forex companies. This has a certain number of consequences and inconveniences, so the platform has disappeared from the Russian market.

Is it legal to use the IQ Option?

Is IQ Option legit? (Is the service legal?) - Yes, and many facts speak about it. The fake project would not develop with such swiftness exclusively in favor of customers, creating for them comfortable working conditions, minimum deposits and separate applications for smartphones based on Android and IOS. In addition, even more so, I would never have managed to win more than 13 official awards, at the expense of my innovative kind and simple, easily understood functional.

The IQ Option platform never demands from its clients any, even minimal, contributions, which immediately speaks about its transparency and open, honest vision of business processes related to options.

• The service provides access to a variety of different currencies, as well as shares of the world's leading companies.

• Allows you to work with the latest technologies, such as crypto currency - Bitecoine and Litecoin.

• Has a program that aims to stop the client in time, if it potentially begins to lose money.

• It allows you to conduct instant transactions to close transactions and transfer of personal funds to the account of any of the leading banking systems.

• Also, you cannot ignore your minimum deposit and stake - just 10 and 1 dollar, respectively.

How safe is the platform broker?

Is IQ Option safe? (The system is safe?) - hack it yet to anyone and never succeeded. Moreover, it has a unique function that allows the user to open a demo account. On it there and then comes 1000 dollars, for internal fact-finding use. However, for a new client to immediately feel all the delights of working with the platform, it is necessary to dispose of the received funds in the real market mode, which will fore harden his skills. How much IQ Option scam or not make sure it allows a demo account.

In addition, the system for greater transparency has variations of its interface in 13 languages, and for the convenience of working with money includes 11 different currencies. IQ Option regulated by Western rules of doing business, which once again supports stability, reliability and focus on the continuous development of one of the leading platforms that are created for the purpose of trading binary options.

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