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OTN Review - Get Open Trading Network Tokens with IQ Option

19-10-2017, 20:32 4 684 Information / News

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Uniting the crypto world

IQ Option proudly presents Open Trading Network — open trading network created to solve the existing in the cryptocurrency market issues, joining networks and associations of market participants and protection of their primary interests.

Our main goal was the unification of isolated blockchain networks into a single public network.

Open Trading Network (OTN) – the first platform that offers cross-chain technology to unite all blockchain networks and market participants, and ensure their best interests.

What is OTN?

Open Trading Network is the first 100% collateralized decentralized exchange which will allow fully secure exchange between the blockchain networks. OTN foundation is committing itself to develop the network described in the white paper and also several applications to help different stakeholders to benefit from the network.



OTN Review - Get Open Trading Network Tokens with IQ Option


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How to get the OTN tokens?

Purchase on crypto exchanges:

Receive as a Reward - By trading cryptocurrencies on IQ Option
The more you trade, the more OTN tokens you get!
Example​​ of​​ calculating ​​how​​ many​​ OTN​​ tokens ​​to ​​award ​​a​​ trader:

- The total amount of commissions charged to traders on the Crypto instruments in the IQ Option broker was $1,000,000 for the calculated week.
- The amount of commissions paid by the individual trader on the Crypto instruments for the same week amounted to $2000.
- According to the emission schedule, 350,000 OTN tokens are being released this week.
- The number of OTN tokens received by the trader = (2000/1,000,000)*350,000=700.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with IQ Option


How to benefit from the OTN token?

On IQ Option:
  • Pay commission for trading cryptocurrencies IQ Option accepts OTN tokens as a commission payment in accordance with the internal IQ Option rate, which can be higher than the one offered by exchanges
  • Withdraw received tokens to your wallet and sell them on exchanges

In Open Trading Network (After you convert your OTN tokens to OTN coins):
  • By paying for transactions in the OTN network
  • By signing blocks of transactions with Proof of Stake consensus algorithm
  • By using OTN coins as a collateral and acting as the depository

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