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Football clubs shares in the stock market trading

10-06-2018, 12:35 1 030 Information

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Football clubs shares in the stock market trading

Dozens of sports clubs are listed on stock exchanges. It allows dedicated fans to not only cheer for the team on a stadium but also participate in the stock trading. Therefore, any fan can become closer to his favorite club and make a profit out of it in the meantime.
Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, spoke out against the listing of football clubs on stock exchanges in 2003. «The club football is in a state of crisis because the vast majority of clubs have a lot of debts. I also think that football clubs should not be involved in operations on the stock market since results of their games should only be seen on the playing field and nowhere else. Otherwise, how should the club react if its shares would suddenly start to drop? Football must remain a game and cause only the positive emotions. You will see that in the future football clubs will think twice before IPOs”, — said Blatter.
In fact, his words turned out to be true. Even today, it is hard for football clubs to initiate the Initial Public Offering despite the apparent financial benefit and a number of other advantages.

The rules and principles of the stock market trading

There are only two types of trades in the stock market: Long selling and Short selling.
  • Long trades are those trades when you buy the stock at the start of the price increase and subsequently sell it at a peak price.
  • Short trades are those trades when you sell the stock at a peak price (at the start of the price drop) and subsequently buy it at a minimum price.
The vast majority of people who hope to gain quick profits only use short trades. Experienced traders carefully monitor the market and use both long and short trades.
Is it possible to make big money with football clubs shares? The stock market trading is the most successful when trader understands the specifics of the companies’ industry. In the first place, football enthusiasts are interested in stock quotes of their favorite clubs. Whether it is possible to make money out of them is not as simple a question as it might seem.
The IQ Option broker offers stock trading of such popular teams as:This list will be updated with more football teams in the future.

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