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Interview with VIP-trader Rodrigo Vailatti

4-06-2016, 16:02 2 314 News / Новости

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Interview with VIP-trader Rodrigo Vailatti

Interview with VIP-trader Rodrigo Vailatti

This week shared with us the experience of trading one of successful traders platform VAILATTI WAMDANN RODRIGO from Brazil. In an interview with our representative he told that for him means trading and what affects the success in this area.

What's your name?
My name is Rodrigo Vailatti Wamdann. I'm 24, I live in Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina.

What is your profession?
I am trader, I live off of financial market and binary options in particular and to 100% dedicate myself to this task.

What did you know about the trade on the exchange and whether you have trading experience before you become our client?
Before becoming a client of IQ Option I have had experience with another broker. Then I knew nothing about trading. Someone sold us some "wonderful" strategy that provide signals for entering the market. It was a complete disaster. Unfortunately, many live with the illusion of financial markets, they sell courses, strategies and other materials from which they suffer nothing but losses. These traders formed the wrong impression. The majority loses all attachments and never returned. I have had this experience, but I stayed. The only good things that happened in my first attempts to trade — that's what I learned to use MT4. The rest — the continuous loss. By the way, we still could not withdraw money from the broker.

What was most important when choosing a binary options broker?
First of all, good reviews. I spoke with someone who already trades on the platform, learned how it works, whether payments are on time, absent any manipulation of the schedule, just whether the rate of return.

When I started trading, did to learning materials, what strategies to use, trying to do a demo account?
I read training materials. I think any info would be helpful. I used demo account just to get used to the platform. Then I traded on a live account. The fact is that on a demo account not taken into account the psychology, because money is not real. You can spend months to trade on demo account and be successful, but could lose everything in one day on a real account, because that's where you trade with their money, and all your "demo experience" disappears.

What strategy are you interested in? What strategy do you think is better suited to beginners?
There are different strategies who have been in the market knows that the strategy is only 20% of success, what is most important is risk management and psychological factors. A new trader should build his base on this. Thanks to these things, you will have to show consistency — the most important characteristic of a trader.

It is no secret that not only the technical side is important for traders. The most important is the process of withdrawal of money earned. Tell me, have you encountered any difficulties in withdrawal?
I already made a large number of insights from the platform, everything went without problems. Money usually appear for a day, but a couple of times I had to wait three days, but no more. And now, when there is a possibility to withdraw via Neteller, things got even easier as Neteller in Brazil is quite popular.

You will continue trading on the platform IQ Option?
Exactly. IQ Option doing your part very well. For example, this year increased the yield on turbo-options, where I also work, and also developed a new version of the platform. I really like the affiliate program. I hope the platform will continue to grow, and I with her.

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