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» » Classic binary options IQ Options: Unleashing the Profitability

Classic binary options IQ Options: Unleashing the Profitability

24-04-2017, 12:47 1 170 News / Новости

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Classic binary options IQ Options: Unleashing the Profitability


Classic binary options platform IQ Option

IQ Option goes further by making the Classic options are available and easy to use on our wonderful platform.

Unlimited profit

Your income depends on how much the price will change in a certain direction. Thus, the income is not limited to: our traders can achieve profit to +670% in just a few hours.

Classic binary options IQ Options: Unleashing the Profitability


Trade shares 500 brands

Trading Classic options, you can choose among the stocks of the S&P 500 index, the famous list of the best US companies.

Classic binary options IQ Options: Unleashing the Profitability


How to get started with Classic options?

Classic options available from 17:40 to 23:00 Moscow only for Web and GL platforms

What are Classic Options?

Classic Options are inspired by the American stock options mainly traded in the USA. The options are based on stock prices of 500 top-performing US companies, including such household names as McDonalds, Netflix, Starbucks, Apple and many more.

Classic options work a lot like like binary options: you choose the stock you would like to trade on and pick a direction in which you believe its price is going to go. There’s one major difference between these two instruments, though. With Binary Options your profit per deal is fixed, while with Classical Options it’s virtually limitless, because your profitability increases as long as the price keeps on moving in the selected direction.

How does it work?

First things first: your investment amount is determined by the contract size – the number of options you want to trade. While other stock option brokers don’t allow contracts for less than 100 units, with Classic Options you can purchase a single option if you choose to and for as little as $0.06. The price of each option is based on several factors, such as the best market price for the underlying asset, time left before expiration, volatility and the strike price.

Strike Price — a price level a trader expects for the asset to reach or surpass before the contract expires.

Depending on the asset, you may have as many as 5 strike price options to choose from.

How to trade Classic Options

When the market is close to a strike price, the option price will be higher, but the further the current market direction is from it – the cheaper the contract will be. Simply put: the price of the contract is proportional to your risks. The lower the strike price – the less risky your investment is, but it also means that your profit won’t be growing as rapidly.

It’s important to note that your losses are limited to the size of the investment, while the profitability is truly limitless. As long as the price is moving in your favor, your profit will be growing until the contract expires, and the more it surpasses the strike price, the more profit you’re going to get.

For the next 3 months this revolutionary trading instrument will be available at NO COMMISSION.

Try Classic Options 


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