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IQ Option - Trade bitcoin binary options

11-07-2017, 18:58 7 814 News

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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency world like crazy! It's a real boom, in which people invest millions. However, something too complicated at first glance, it appears fairly clear and easy to trade on the platform IQ Option.
Why cryptocurrency?
  • Trade is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to carry out transactions at any time.
  • Low liquidity often causes high volatility.
  • Low risks compared to other financial instruments.
Take, for example, Bitcoin. This is the first and most famous cryptocurrency. In 2013, Bitcoin rose more than 550%. Fluctuations in the stock markets are hundreds of times less to compare.
The main components that need to be defined before options trading cryptocurrencies is the direction of the trend, the change of volume of trading, the signals for changing trends. You should also consider the influence of political and financial news in countries that have the greatest impact on digital currency (China and USA).
It is extremely important for successful work are the psychological aspects. There are several basic points that on crypto exchange, You can make a profit or at least not to complete the transaction with great loss:

  1. No need to be greedy. No need to wait that the exchange rate will grow and You will earn more if he is already high up, you lose profit and get loss.
  2. To be patient. Buying at one price and not seeing the strong fluctuations up or down, do not immediately sell. Many examples that are almost straight course of some cryptocurrency suddenly after a week or two increases 10 times. We need to monitor forums and customer feedback on this coin.
  3. Look at the trading volume and capitalization of the cryptocurrencies to know to wait or not to wait for the moment, spike.
Thus, by analyzing changes in the prices of cryptocurrencies and finding certain patterns, you can create your own strategy and your trading plan that you can start to hone in on real account broker IQ Option.

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