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IQ Option CFD trading

9-03-2018, 17:56 2 293 Information
iq option cfd trading

We are pleased to announce the launch of CFDs on shares that are already available for trading on the IQ Option platform, as well as on mobile and web applications!

A CFD or contract for difference is a financial instrument that allows the exchange rate difference of assets such as shares to be traded without transferring ownership of the asset itself. The trader needs to choose between raising and lowering the value of the asset, specify the size of the investment and open a position in favor of the chosen direction.

If the choice is correct, the trader will receive a profit in the form of the difference between the current value of the asset and its value at the end of the contract. If the forecast was incorrect, the losses will be equal to the amount of potential profit.

iq option cfd trading

cfd trading

What are Stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference) ?:
  • Introduced by IQ Option in March 2018, Stocks CFDs offer traders the following advantages:
  1. Low commission that provides accessible trading experience;
  2. Ability to close deals at any time;
  3. Wide range of worldwide brands’ stocks: Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Starbucks, Tesla and many more; and
  4. Automated orders which allow to set up your own conditions for opening and closing deals
When can I trade Stock CFDs ?:

Stock CFDs are available to Buy / Sell during NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) operating hours, which are 9:30 - 4:00pm New York local time. New York time is -15 Hrs UTC.

What stock CFD multipliers are available ?:

Stock multipliers are generally x3, x5, and x10. However higher multipliers are available on selected stocks.

BOOST your trading with even larger multipliers on Stock CFDs!
  • Every time the price of the asset changes by 1%, your return on investment will increase by the amount of your multiplier, yet the losses will also increase accordingly, so take precautions.

  • With volatile Stock markets, this feature is your absolute must-try!

  • A multiplier is a trading tool that is based on the use of borrowed capital. By using a multiplier, the trader can control a position that is greater than the amount of funds at his disposal. For example, when opening a $100 position and using an x10 multiplier your potential profit (and loss) will be calculated as if you were investing $1,000.

  • Trading Stock CFDs with a multiplier is an opportunity many investors have been waiting for. The tool is suitable for both short and long-term operations. With a multiplier that high, contracts for difference (CFDs) give you a chance to trade even the slightest movements of the price action.

  • The use of multiplier is offering outstanding opportunities to the people who know how to use it correctly. However, it should be used with caution as not only the profit but also the potential losses will also be multiplied respectively.

Amazon Stock Example:

  • If you purchase $5000.00 worth of Amazon, at a price of $1568.576, and Amazon rises 1% to $1584.262, you will earn the following profit with the multiplier factor. The multiplier allows you to increase your profit by leverage, hence you will earn a higher percentage profit. The multiplier is simply multiplied by your initial investment amount, in order to make more profit. For instance 1% of $500,000 is more than 1% of $5000.

  • x2 multiplier  =  1% profit  based on an investment of $10,000 ($5000x2) = $100.00 Profit

  • x5 multiplier = 1% profit  based on an investment of $25,000 ($5000x5) = $250.00 Profit

  • x10 multiplier = 1% profit  based on an investment of $50,000 ($5000x10) = $500.00 Profit
Hence in the above example with a x10 Multiplier, you will now own $5,500.00 USD worth of Amazon. This is HUGE as you earned $500.00 with just a 1% positive price movement. 

Remember the Multiplier can also act in the negative sense. So if Amazon is "Bullish", use a higher factor such as the x10 multiplier, however if Amazon is pulling back / "Bearish", use a lower multiplier such as x2.

CFD Multiplier Simplified Technique:

x2 = Multiply the profit by 2, so in the above example 2 x $50 = $100.00

x5 = Multiply the profit by 5, so in the above example 5 x $50 = $250.00

x10 = Multiply the profit by 10, so in the above example 10 x $50 = $500.00



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